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Parent Resources

Parent Resources

Finding Child Care

As the Resource & Referral agency for Mono County, IMACA Community Connection for Children (IMACA CCC) makes referrals to licensed family child care homes and centers throughout Mono County that meets a family's needs. IMACA CCC gives referrals, NOT recommendations, as choosing an appropriate child care setting which meets the needs of a family is the responsibility of the parents or guardians.

IMACA CCC serves the community by providing accurate information on available child care services in Mono County.  For a list of child care providers in Mono County, contact the IMACA CCC office:

IMACA Community Connection for Children
625 Old Mammoth Road
Mammoth Lakes CA 93546
(760) 934-3343

Choosing Quality Child Care

Please refer to the following links for more information on choosing quality child care:

Subsidized child care is assistance to low-income families to cover all or part of their child care costs.  If you are working, enrolled in school, or participating in an approved welfare-to-work training plan, you may be eligible for financial assistance with your child care costs.  

The California Alternative Payment Program (CAPP) is a California Department of Education (CDE) subsidized child care program. This is a parental choice child care program providing child care subsidies for low-income families in Mono County. The program allows participants to select a child care provider who best meets the needs of their family. Choices include licensed child care centers, licensed family child care homes, and license-exempt child care. The program provides financial assistance for child care costs while ensuring that families can access quality settings for their children. Parents must be income eligible and have a documented need for child care. Eligible parents may be employed, seeking employment, in a training or education program, referred by Social Services, incapacitated, or homeless and seeking either housing or employment or both. IMACA’s CAPP is based on available funding.


License-exempt child care is a child care program that can legally operate without a license and licensing standards do not apply to them. This can include family, friend, and neighbor child care (known as FFN) or after school programs. For more information about license-exempt child care, go to the following links:
What is License-Exempt Child Care?
Know the Law about License-Exempt Child Care in California


TrustLine is California’s registry for license-exempt child care providers who have passed a background screening. It was created by the California Legislature in 1987 and is a powerful resource for parents hiring a nanny or baby-sitter. All caregivers listed with TrustLine have been cleared through a fingerprint check of records at the California Department of Justice. This means they have no disqualifying criminal convictions or substantiated child abuse reports in California. TrustLine is administered by the California Department of Social Services and the non-profit California Child Care Resource and Referral Network. It is endorsed by the California Academy of Pediatrics.


TrustLine is an effective tool for parents to check the backgrounds of a baby-sitter, nanny, tutors and in-home counselors to determine if an applicant has criminal convictions or substantiated child abuse reports in California. TrustLine is the only background check authorized by state law to use three databases that the general public, including private investigators and private background check companies, cannot access. These databases include the fingerprint records from the California Department of Justice’s California Criminal History System; the Child Abuse Central Index of California; and fingerprint records of the FBI Criminal History System.


TrustLine is easy to use for parents and providers. Applicants complete a one-page form, which requires submitting fingerprints and a one-time fee of approximately $124.00, to the Department of Social Services.
If applicants pass the background check they are listed on the TrustLine database.

Parents can call 1-800-822-8490 to check if a provider is registered on TrustLine.


The Lending Library at IMACA Community Connection for Children (IMACA CCC) located at 625 Old Mammoth Road, Mammoth Lakes, CA is available to parents at no cost. The Lending Library contains a variety of books, activity kits, videos and DVDs for children’s enrichment. The Lending Library also has a large selection of developmentally appropriate toys for infants, toddlers, and preschool-aged children. 

Lending Library